abundante life foundation of panama

what we do

Since our inception in 1987, the ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION has organized and deployed mission trips that provide medical services, food assistance, and scholarships program, working to the most remote communities of the country.


Our foundation has been committed to improving the quality of lives thru good health and education.  Our work in the field of health and education saves lives. We help communities rebuild shattered lives and livelihoods.


We also work to strengthen the resilience of people and communities affected by crises, by helping families and communities thrive both today, and tomorrow with our teams of specialized professionals that have been working with the foundation since this vision started. 


They come from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds Pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Dermatologist, Cardiologists, Odontologist, Nurses and a host of people that make up the support teams and of course none of this would be possible if the support from donors and a host of collaborators that are at the heart of this organization.



While the focus of the ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION has been dedicated to doing Medical tours throughout the country for the past 33 years, we have also been focused on our efforts on investing in the future of this country and helping young students with scholarships to improve education.


   We also support vulnerable children and their families, to help ensure that the individuals have the tools they need to achieve the promise and succeed in their own lives.  


We seek to build strategic relationships that will help advance our work helping families and communities thrive, both today and tomorrow. We truly believe that we are instruments to help these children reach full potential today and can be successful tomorrow.


ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION believes discipline teaches the value of hard work and sport programs created early in life gives a lifelong sense of discipline in children.  



As with most things, there are no shortcuts. Coaches, in particular, play an important role in instilling discipline in young athletes. 


The Foundation has started programs in these communities to help young boys and girls learn they must work hard to improve regardless of their level and reach their full potential and become positive and productive citizens


While one in nine people worldwide still does not have enough to eat, Panama is no different.   Panama has approximately 400,000 people that go hungry, according to the most recent report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO. The report highlights that the 9.5% that were still hungry represented 385,000 people, mostly concentrated in indigenous regions and rural areas.


ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION has partnered with private corporations to create a food bank warehouse space where items donated can be classified and prepared for distribution.  


We depend on all kinds of donations, starting with food items preferably canned and dry goods, clothing, medicine, personal hygiene items, and utensils any item that can be put to good use or benefit a person, home or charity is always welcomed.