abundante life foundation of panama

 how we work

Once the team has done the inspection of the community, the processes begins by reaching out to local Tribal leaders and or government official.


The logistical planning in moving equipment, supplies and people into these areas is extremely daunting.  Putting together a team, to take up the task of delivering health care in these remote areas is never an easy task. 


This really could never be done without a tremendous support group of volunteers of men and women willing to give it all, in order to help these people in need.


New, more effective prevention methods are essential to reducing higher risk illness and we support efforts to develop, evaluate, and introduce innovative approaches to protecting those at risk.


These include potential long-acting prevention interventions that can provide continuous protection over a long period of time, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health programs approaches to deliver health services to those who need it most.


In Panama, over a third of indigenous people are illiterate and school retention rates in indigenous areas known as comarcas are half the national average.

The government is trying to change that by improving primary and secondary school infrastructure, training teachers, and providing learning materials but the funding always seems to fall short in these hard to reach communities.  


Even under the best of conditions, accessing many of these schools can be difficult, so it is important to make the environment as appealing as possible in order to maximize learning and retain students. Most elementary school students have long dangerous walks through woods, crossing rivers on a precarious bridge that is nothing more than a tree trunk in order to reach the schools. 


Therefore, one of the areas of focus is the Scholarship Programs that have helped numerous kids of all ages to help families buy clothes, books and supplies. 


This year 2020 THE ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION celebrates 33 years of  assuming the light scholarship program for All Scholarship Program.  


In 1987 we began this work with a program of five annual scholarships and up to this year inclusive, we have been able to award 161 scholarships to children and young people in Elementary  and High School grades, which amounts to an approximate amount S50,000.00 in scholarship funds adjudicated.


Because ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION is funded entirely by contributions, we rely on the commitment of our partners especially in the public sector.  Our partnerships are essential to bring lifesaving support to children and their families.  


Our partners include Churches and Church groups, government agencies, international institutions, multilateral organizations and private corporations.

Many of the known and comfortable solutions do not seem to work well for the hardest-to-reach communities.


The solutions to helping these communities and indigenous groups are often the trickiest to reach, design, and implement and perhaps even harder to evaluate for impact. 


So, before we reach these communities, our planning team made up of Doctors and Professional figure out solutions on how to best help the targeted area. 


Among other things, the planner must allow for the availability and work schedule within teams, the skills of each team member and the duration of the task are also crucial. 




We believe that Families are the primary socializing agent of young people. There success depends substantially on whether families provide the physical, psychological and spiritual conditions children need to acquire developmental competencies.


Young people develop in the contexts of their family, their school, their churches, their community, and the larger culture, which offer multiple opportunities to support healthy development and prevent disorder.



ABUNDANT LIFE FOUNDATION recognizes that we are just one small part of a broader fight. That’s why we work closely with partners to maximize the impact of our aggregate efforts.


Because our resources represent only a small portion, we concentrate on areas where existing funds are insufficient, our support can have potentially catalytic impact, and we can assume risks that others may not be able to.  


Good nutrition is the bedrock of child survival, health and development and well-nourished children are better able to grow, learn and participate in their communities and be resilient in the face of disease.